When you are going to make a search in Google on "How to remove ransomware?" Tons of articles are going to pop up and explain how it works and all that bullshit.

They are going to tell install this software and that decrypter and all that BS.

Let me clear a few things for you

There is no way you can get your data back without paying the ransom. Ransom is basically an amount; they ask you to pay.


Most of these ransomware uses AES 256 bit encryption, no way in hell any free decrypter or paid can break it.

The only solutions here:

1. Pay the amount (Risky)

2. Delete your whole pc data and restore it with backup

3. If you don't have back up, you are done. No one can help you.

List of Ransomware:

1. Petya

2. WannaCry

3. Locky (This fucker infected me too.)
As we all know, dashlane is a password manager to keep all your easy to hack passwords at one place, protected by one master password.

First thing, I am no way affiliated with dashlane. I have done enough digging about the Dashlane; So, I am going to answer your question. I felt like its important to explain how secure is Dashlane.  As I mentioned Dashlane in my recent post about securing your password from hackers.

Here are a few things to satisfy your hunger.

1. Master Password created by you is not stored on their servers. Please check my post here on how to create a password (explained at the end of the article)

2. They use AES-256 encryption, Some people call it military grade encryption.

3. They use Amazon servers, considered one of the most secure servers.

4. Firewalls and strong security, they got a really strong firewall.

That the reason, I recommended them.

What? Got hacked recently? Dumb ass

Well, you need to take care of a few things to reduce the risk of getting hacked again.

 I am not going to write a long ass article just to tell you a few important things. Here are the main things.

1. Never use the same password on any site, keep them unique.

2. I use a diary to write down all my passwords, But you can use an online service called Dashlane (Free, How Secure)

3. If you ever put a backup email on your main email account, make sure everything is enabled on the backup email, I mean F2A, back up codes, mobile number, etc.

4. Avoid using any online tool to check if your password is strong enough.

5. Make sure you got an updated antivirus to avoid any sort of keyloggers.

6. If possible, change your passwords after a few months, I change them every month. Yes, I am a little crazy.

7. Make sure you double check the URL in the browser bar before entering your information.

8. Avoid using any dictionary words as passwords.

How to create a password?

Use this pattern

Start with special words like @# + any random meaningless upper case + numeric + meaningless lower case + special words.

Sample: %^TGW586uio$@

*Above points does not guarantee that your password will never get hacked again. But It will help you to stay secure.

The answer depends on your country of residence. But most of the countries don't allow the use of torrents.

If you are downloading one or two movies a week, not a big problem. But If you love downloading stuff without paying anything. You might need a VPN to avoid any issues. VPN generally cost a few dollars a month.  Plus it's going to provide overall protection.

I am not going to to go in big details, check my VPN recommendation here.

Just make sure to keep it running all the time.

I am sure many people want to host sites related to freedom of speech, warez ones and some other type of sites which attracts DMCA or copyright strikes.

Easy Solution, But Costly:

Cyber Bunker Host - Setup Fee is 100 Euro + Monthly Cost 100 Euro

These people don't give a fuck about the content you host on their servers. The only thing they don't allow is Child Porn and Terrorist sites.

Little Messed Up One, But Cheap:

If you are looking for a little cheap solution.

Here how it works

Host Content on any top hosting sites like OVH.

Get a server on Koddos.net (Affiliate Link) or Any Similar Offshore Host (Use them as Reverse Proxy)

Now your domain is going to point to Cloud flare name servers, and Cloud flare going to point to Reverse Proxy and Reverse Proxy to Original IP.

Do ask your offshore host, If they are going to hand over original IP in case of copyright complaints. Koddos (Affiliate Link) is a reliable one.

I am not a big fan of VPN, but If I have to recommend one. VPNs are good for day to day use for a normal user, but VPN is not going to help you stay anonymous online completely.

Few things I took into accounts while choosing this one:

1. Panama Based

2. No Logs Policy

3. Cryptocurrency as a Payment method (They got PayPal too)

4. Unblocks top sites like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Sling TV.

5. Good Encryption

6. Good Speed on servers

7. Automatic Kill Switch

8. DNS Leak Protection

VPN is NordVPN

Dog bites when they feel unsafe or see potential risk, If your dog bites you, that means he is feeling unsafe around you, or you simply failed at training him properly.

If you are thinking of biting him back, you need to drop the idea. Dogs are very good at sensing things or risk, you might end up with another bite If you try to bite him.

The best solution is to tame the dog and give him treats and pet him. Try to develop a good relationship with your dog.

No, You can't do that, It's against the natural law. Once a living being is born, you can't change his basic foundation (Like changing the true form of living being). Don't even try to change your cat into a dog, you might kill your poor cat in the process. 

If you want a dog, you can find one from rescue shelters, that got good loving dogs, looking for a new family.

Hope it helps.
Does your family member got abducted by the alien? First thing you need to do is stay calm. 

You need to rethink about the whole incident If it was really aliens or not. If It was aliens, you can panic a little bit. Now the next thing you need to do is report the incident to the local authority (police), find the emergency number of the police and call them. Describe your problem to them, But don't mention anything about aliens over the telephone conversation.

The reason for not discussing this on the telephone is, they might think you are some prankster or drunk person. When they reach the location, explain everything. Mention each detail properly by staying calm.  

What is going to happen next?

Look, If it was aliens, the chances of seeing your family member are 50/50. If your family member survives their test, they are going to send him/her back; If not, there is a good chance you won't be able to see your family member again. 
Stupidity is mostly a genetic issue. I am sure one of your parents is stupid, that the reason you are stupid too. But you can fix it, you need to do a little bit of work on your knowledge, way of talk and learn more about common sense.

Generally, people who fail at the simple thing which required common sense, are called stupids. So, you need to take time and think about the situation for a bit, before taking any action. Keep things simple, If you are confused about a situation, avoid it and rethink about it. Stay cool while doing anything.

No need to feel bad about it. Just work on it. 

No, you can't do that. Rice doesn't have everything you need to survive or for good health. Our body needs different nutrients and vitamins to survive. I doubt that rice is going to provide everything you need. Even If you survive a few months, you might end up with some big health issues.

You need to drop the idea. Eat everything, especially vegetables. 
Are you looking for an alien? Well, Aliens are not that easily available. Even our scientist have a hard time finding them. But you are not going to find them on earth anytime soon.

There has been sighting of UFO's around the world, But no solid evidence. Only Nasa can tell you where to find them. I am sure they know about things, we don't know.

Area 51 is known to be the best place to find them, But I strongly advise you not to visit that place. That place is heavily guarded by the US military.

Assuming your site is already ranking and doing good.

You need to do the following steps to check if your site is penalized or not:

Run this query in Google "site:domain.com" without commas, If your site is shown in Google, Go to next step, If it didn't show up, your site is penalized.

Now check your webmaster tool for any manual actions and security risks. If there is a notice, your site is done. If it's clean, go to next step.

Check your site using Semrush and see if there is a sudden drop in the rankings, chance of being penalized is really high. Now, here is little thing, sometimes its temporary (Google dance). Wait for 1 week, continue your daily routine of links. If there is no improvement after 1 week, your site is penalized by some recent update. 

Top Reasons:

1. Bad Quality Links.
2. Over Optimization of anchor texts.
3. Malware redirects (Hacked sites).
4. Spun Content.
5. Using Permutation and combinations of keywords.
6. Keyword stuffing.