How To Check A Expired Domain For PBN?

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No need to read long ass articles about how to check if its good domain to buy or not.

The first step is check domain using majestic tool for TF and CF, Anything above TF 15, CF < 25 and RD 20+ is a good one and worth checking. Also, run this query "" in Google without commas. If the site is in Google, you are good to go.

The second step is check domain using way back machine, What you need to check here is, If the domain was used as PBN before? If you see lots of articles and every second or third article is linking to a different site. It was part of PBN. Stop, no need to check further.

Third If the second step is clear, now you need to check backlink profile and anchor text used for that domain.

If it got tons of links from auto approved forum, comments and wiki, avoid it. If it got links from the quality sites and within articles, you are good to go. Few comment links and forum profile links are good too.

Check the anchor text cloud, if it was spammed for main keywords, chances are it was penalized. Brand anchors and lower main keyword ratio is a good choice.

Sometimes domain got tons of links from Russian specific region, avoid that domain too.


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