How To Check The Link Quality?

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It's really simple.

If you are getting links from real sites, the one ranking in Google. They all are of good quality.

Real Sites?

If a site is linking to other sites from every article they post, they are bad ones. Now, here is a thing, you need to check to whom they are linking and what anchor texts they are using. If they are linking using main keywords like "plumber in new york" You need to avoid those. These sites are generally part of PBNs.

What about comment links?

Yup, they are good if they are from moderated blogs. Avoid auto approve do follow comment links. Wordpress based comments are a good one, yup they are nofollow.

Avoid using keywords with comment links, use real names.

Forum links are good?

Yes, It depends on the forum, Google knows about forums which are spammed to death. Don't even think about buying them from Fiverr and SEOclerks.

Find out the relevant forum, make it your routine to post on these forums. Link forum profiles to your sites.

What about wikis?

They are good if they are from clean wiki's, not the spammed ones. But my advice avoids these.


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