How to Know If My Site Was Penalized?

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Assuming your site is already ranking and doing good.

You need to do the following steps to check if your site is penalized or not:

Run this query in Google "" without commas, If your site is shown in Google, Go to next step, If it didn't show up, your site is penalized.

Now check your webmaster tool for any manual actions and security risks. If there is a notice, your site is done. If it's clean, go to next step.

Check your site using Semrush and see if there is a sudden drop in the rankings, chance of being penalized is really high. Now, here is little thing, sometimes its temporary (Google dance). Wait for 1 week, continue your daily routine of links. If there is no improvement after 1 week, your site is penalized by some recent update. 

Top Reasons:

1. Bad Quality Links.
2. Over Optimization of anchor texts.
3. Malware redirects (Hacked sites).
4. Spun Content.
5. Using Permutation and combinations of keywords.
6. Keyword stuffing.


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