How To Stay Anonymous Online?

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You need to do a lot of work If you want to stay anonymous. This article is for educational purposes. If you ended up doing some crazy shit and got caught up, dont blame me bitch.

First you need a dos based laptop from any company you like.

Second thing you need is Tor Router to hide your ip, check AnonaboxRaspberry Pi VPN/TOR Router etc. (Reason to avoid any sort of Linux exploits which can reveal your real ip)

Third thing, put a tape on your laptop camera and make sure there is no audio device is connected.

Next thing, we are going to install a Debian based operating system known as Tails or Qubes OS (Qubes OS is more secure, but little hard to configure)

The reason for tails is "All its incoming and outgoing connections are forced to go through Tor, and any and all non-anonymous connections are blocked"

The next step is we are not going to use any software or application which is linked to top big companies like Google, Microsoft, Social Media site etc.

Third step is to get fake info, Never use you real information online on any forums, chatrooms etc.

Change your identity and writing style frequently.

Use Bitcoin only for payments and receipts and choose wallet carefully. (Don't forget about bitcoin mixer)

Avoid use of credit card and sites like PayPal.

Avoid using same username and password for multiple sites, keep it unique.

Avoid using Gmail, Yahoo or whatever. Use only Tutanota or Pronotmail.

Use only Tor browser

Avoid using online messengers for communication.

Above things will help you to stay anonymous. The main objective is to hide your real IP location.


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