Why My Parents Hates Me?

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First thing you need to check is, If you are an adopted child or not.

If you are not an adopted child, First thing you need to do is clear your head and try to talk to your parents and see if there is any specific reason behind all this. If you fail to find any reason, there is a big chance your mind is making up this hate feeling for you. No parents hate their kid; Kids tend to get this feeling because parents stop them from doing bad things.

96% of the time parents are right. You need to act like a grownup and think like a matured person, even if you are of small age. Do what your parents say and see if they still hate you or not. If they still hate you, you need to take this matter to your grandparents, If you don't have one. You need to stay calm until the age of 18 and then find your own way in the world.

If you an adopted child, things are pretty simple here. If you are getting abused, take the matter to child protective societies or police. If they are not abusing you and just hate you, talk to them like a mature person and ask them the reason and what they want. Work on that; use emotions as a weapon. 


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