How secure is Dashlane?

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As we all know, dashlane is a password manager to keep all your easy to hack passwords at one place, protected by one master password.

First thing, I am no way affiliated with dashlane. I have done enough digging about the Dashlane; So, I am going to answer your question. I felt like its important to explain how secure is Dashlane.  As I mentioned Dashlane in my recent post about securing your password from hackers.

Here are a few things to satisfy your hunger.

1. Master Password created by you is not stored on their servers. Please check my post here on how to create a password (explained at the end of the article)

2. They use AES-256 encryption, Some people call it military grade encryption.

3. They use Amazon servers, considered one of the most secure servers.

4. Firewalls and strong security, they got a really strong firewall.

That the reason, I recommended them.


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