How To Hide Your Server IP? Offshore Hosting Shit

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I am sure many people want to host sites related to freedom of speech, warez ones and some other type of sites which attracts DMCA or copyright strikes.

Easy Solution, But Costly:

Cyber Bunker Host - Setup Fee is 100 Euro + Monthly Cost 100 Euro

These people don't give a fuck about the content you host on their servers. The only thing they don't allow is Child Porn and Terrorist sites.

Little Messed Up One, But Cheap:

If you are looking for a little cheap solution.

Here how it works

Host Content on any top hosting sites like OVH.

Get a server on (Affiliate Link) or Any Similar Offshore Host (Use them as Reverse Proxy)

Now your domain is going to point to Cloud flare name servers, and Cloud flare going to point to Reverse Proxy and Reverse Proxy to Original IP.

Do ask your offshore host, If they are going to hand over original IP in case of copyright complaints. Koddos (Affiliate Link) is a reliable one.


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