How To Remove Ransomware? Reality

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When you are going to make a search in Google on "How to remove ransomware?" Tons of articles are going to pop up and explain how it works and all that bullshit.

They are going to tell install this software and that decrypter and all that BS.

Let me clear a few things for you

There is no way you can get your data back without paying the ransom. Ransom is basically an amount; they ask you to pay.


Most of these ransomware uses AES 256 bit encryption, no way in hell any free decrypter or paid can break it.

The only solutions here:

1. Pay the amount (Risky)

2. Delete your whole pc data and restore it with backup

3. If you don't have back up, you are done. No one can help you.

List of Ransomware:

1. Petya

2. WannaCry

3. Locky (This fucker infected me too.)


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