How to secure your password from hackers?

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What? Got hacked recently? Dumb ass

Well, you need to take care of a few things to reduce the risk of getting hacked again.

 I am not going to write a long ass article just to tell you a few important things. Here are the main things.

1. Never use the same password on any site, keep them unique.

2. I use a diary to write down all my passwords, But you can use an online service called Dashlane (Free, How Secure)

3. If you ever put a backup email on your main email account, make sure everything is enabled on the backup email, I mean F2A, back up codes, mobile number, etc.

4. Avoid using any online tool to check if your password is strong enough.

5. Make sure you got an updated antivirus to avoid any sort of keyloggers.

6. If possible, change your passwords after a few months, I change them every month. Yes, I am a little crazy.

7. Make sure you double check the URL in the browser bar before entering your information.

8. Avoid using any dictionary words as passwords.

How to create a password?

Use this pattern

Start with special words like @# + any random meaningless upper case + numeric + meaningless lower case + special words.

Sample: %^TGW586uio$@

*Above points does not guarantee that your password will never get hacked again. But It will help you to stay secure.


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