Domain Extension Matter?

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Yes, I used to think that, google treat all domain extensions same. 

Right now, the most popular ones are com, net, info, and org. There four domain extensions are used widely as compared to any other domains. 

But with the rise of new generic domains like .pro .pw .law .xyz, etc. people started buying these domains too, as they are cheap and tons of name are available which are not available in top 4 extensions. 

Every other SEO guru is going to say all domain extensions are the same.  But that not the case, Google gives more weight to the top 4 extensions as compare to others, plus they treat country level domain differently. 

If you are targeting India, You better get .in domain. If you are targeting all over the world, go for .com domain. If you are an organization, get a .org. 

As for now, I am avoiding all new domain extensions.

yes, I am using a .pw domain.


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