Netflix The 100 Serial Review - Truth

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So I started watching this serial a few weeks ago. Spoiler alert. But I am not going to explain everything.

So the serial is about mass destruction on the earth due to nuclear war between the countries. The group of people from around the world left the earth to live a life on a space station as . They is not survivable due to radiation.

Everything is good at this point. The next main thing is when they decide to launch 100 prisoners to the earth. So, they can see if the . They is survivable. They reach the earth safely, and the series of plain dumb moves starts. 

*The first dumb move by the "Octiva Blake" is to jump into the river. She knows that the environment is new and she is in the jungle, and all kinds of bad things can happen. But still that dumb bitch decides to jump into the water and get everything fucked up. 

The next thing is so called grounders who live on earth, they are tribal people. They don't like the people who came from the sky, So the war breaks out between the two groups. 

At this time, the series of so many plain dumb moves started; you cant digest it. After Season 1 bullshit, the second one started. 

The second season is all about "Mount Weather BS," a nuclear bunker to keep people safe. They are the real villain in second season. These mount weather people cant walk on earth as radiation kill them instantly. But as soon as they found sky people, they can see sky people bone marrow can help them because sky people's bodies are adapted to radiation because they were is space for a long time.

Here comes the biggest dumb fuck move. These mount weather people were fighting with grounders from a long time.

*Grounders can walk the earth and adapted to the radiation the same as sky people because they are not dead just like sky people. But for some reason, their bone marrow is not in the equation; they forget about it. Plain dumb fuck move.

The third season started after all this bullshit. Sky People are in a truce with grounders, they become a part of the grounders clan. But all of the sudden sky people leader decided to give his leadership to some dumb fuck who is against the grounders.

*First thing, grounders have an army of thousand of trained warriors. Plus, they know the jungle better. There is no fucking way these bunch of sky people can go on war with them and won it. They know that too. But still, they decided to do it. 

At this point, I was so done. I cant watch another episode of this Bullshit.